Project Overview

As a Sweet brand, providing Different SKU's, Hampers, Box packing, Free delivery in Delhi NCR.

To begin with, I needed to build my case. One does not simply start making a product. It’s critical to get all these insights before embarking on the design itself to ensure that we are solving the right problems and aligned on the project goals.


For the quantitative analysis, I decided to look for (assuming my friends and family as) potential online users and shared with them a survey with closed questions like:

  • How do you find a sweet shop online
  • Are you comfortable in buying online and why(what you like & dislike most)?
  • What are the cases in which you trust the online seller?
What I Got

What people don't like about buying Online

  • Lack of instore shoping experience,
  • updated date of manufacturing is not avaliable
  • No environment created for buyers to learn, explore and be inspired about a product

What people love buying online

  • Can look at differnt offers, and schemes
  • Able to see full range of items available instore.
  • buy anywhere, by any mode(Mobile or desktop).

Defining Problem Statement

Need a way to get feel and understanding the quality of the online item Because buying online is an impersonal experience that should be improved.


Mid-fidelity wireframe(video)


When I asked some people(family and friends) to test this design then As a result, I discover the users need to have some way to discover new offers and packaging way. In a store/offline mode, they can go and interact with shopkeeper, try to ask some questions, and also ask for advice from the shopkeeper. In an online environment, we need somehow to have the same experience, for that I decide to go with showing offers in same landing page, mearged within the same section. and give more clarity about what is the course all about and giving proper one to one counselling if neeeded.

About the process of building this UX Case, I can say that was a great experience to work in agile principles. I could do stand-ups, share work and finish my goals which you can see the results in this article. For the next steps, I imagine working on the HI-fidelity prototype and adding interactive cart option and conduct more usability tests in order to then have better insights and build the product devlopment ready.

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