Project Overview

Here are all the wireframes and UI I designed for this Parking application concept. It is basically a Vechile parking application. The designs are based on some research and user flow.

Problem Statement

In one year, in India, a person waste useful time approximately 234,000 sec's/ 3,900 min's / 65 hr's per year, while looking for parking.

Parking Situation

According to a research some of the reason for heavy traffic jam, road block are unauthorized on street parking and unsecured parking plots, parking tarrif and many more...

85% public don't want to park there vehicles at parking spots due to security and time wasted in search of praking spots.

Our Findings

  • Lack of proper information: Few areas didn’t tell how much time is needed to reach the place. Where exactly is the place located? Showed the wrong current location.
  • The labels and buttons were confusing. Few looked like clickable buttons which were not a button.
  • Confusing content such as icons, labels, etc. It was not clear what it indicated.
  • None of the apps had a feature to track parked vehicles.
  • Cash payments: 1 out of 3 existing apps had a digital payment option.

Types of User Scenario

Problems #1 (User)

Every weekend he takes his family for shopping and dinner and on weekdays work as a sales Executive and have to travel to different corner across the city (Monday - Friday)

I have to waste my time in search of parking(TIME) and to get a parking ticket at the entry time and many times, I have to pay the full 1-hour charge against 5 - 10 min of parking Use(Unregulated TARIFF).

"I want an easy and hassle-free solution for it"
Problems #2 (Parking Manager)

Manager at City Mall, Responsible for managing to park and improving the parking experience for guests (Monday - Saturday)

It is very hectic to manage each and every vehicle coming into parking, sometimes I already know there is some Foul-play of parking fare collection by parking guards(CASH FRAUD), but helpless because of a lack of tracking records(NO RECORD).

"I want an easy and hassle-free solution for it"
Solution #1 (User)
  • An application for finding & booking a Parking slot at your nearby.
  • PH Card (RFID Technology less) vehicle tracking system.
  • No waiting time => No Line, no stoppage at the entry gate, etc. Pay only for the time you park.
  • Generate a one-time PHCard and use it over all PH Parking for a lifetime.
Solution #2 (Parking Manager)
  • A dashboard for monitoring/tracing every coming In and Going Out from parking.
  • Paperless System.
  • No Cash => No Foul Play.
  • Monthly Payout for easy transactions.
  • Can get records accordingly at any time anywhere.

From Problem -- To Solution


Competitor Analysis


Current Parking Solution
  • Few provide parking information only.
  • Some books are parking but payment is to be done to the parking owner only in cash/card A few books take.
  • payment online but they take charges fixed by the owner.
Parking Hand Solution

We provide parking user to pre-book parking slot with securitized parking using Rfid tags and paying after usage on a time basis

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